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Business Acquisitions & Sales Attorney in Evansville, Indiana

There are quite a few laws surrounding sales, mergers, and acquisitions of businesses. While the process for selling, merging, and acquiring a new business is relatively straightforward, we advise our clients of the importance of due diligence during the process. You must carefully consider the overall value of the business, as well as the potential for future and long-term success. Buyers and stakeholders spend quite some time negotiating the terms, conditions, and stipulations of these business deals. Therefore, many clients choose to seek out a business acquisition and sales attorney to guide them through the process, ensure all parties follow applicable state and local laws and write contracts that summarize and detail the terms of the sale. We offer our clients the support and legal guidance necessary to close on these unique business deals.

Buyers & Due Diligence

Selling your business can often take quite some time. One of the reasons for this is that many buyers choose to take a large amount of due diligence in determining the specific outcome of a business sale. Therefore, buyers often want to know of any potential liabilities, financial difficulties, intellectual property issues, and other roadblocks that may lead to business problems in the future. Working with a business sales lawyer in Evansville, IN, can help streamline the process by outlining and answering any due diligence questions buyers may have about the sale. Typically, we accomplish these goals by creating a database that buyers can access with key information buyers will expect to see as part of the due diligence process. We can help guide you through the process and strive to see all parties follow due diligence best practices.

Mergers, Assets & Liabilities

Compared to other types of business deals, mergers often present a unique series of challenges that require a great deal of due diligence. Typically speaking, when companies choose to merge, they combine assets and liabilities. The overall goal in these scenarios is for both companies to benefit from shared resources, workspaces, and ideas. However, when specific financial problems or outstanding liabilities drive these deals, they bring about a layer of potential difficulties. Whether you're on the surviving or non-surviving side of a merger, it's important to work with a business acquisitions lawyer during the process. We help our clients follow due diligence best practices to ensure all parties benefit from the transaction.

Business Acquisitions

In order for an acquisition to occur, one company much purchase the assets of another company or at least 50% or more of another company's shares, allowing them to gain control of the company and make decisions about company assets. There are many ways this type of business transaction can occur. However, in some cases, businesses face a "takeover" instead of an acquisition. Takeovers happen when the purchased company opposes this acquisition. Thankfully, most acquisitions are amiable and result in organizational growth. Navigating an acquisition and determining your legal options during one require the assistance of a business acquisition and sales lawyer in many cases.

Considering selling or acquiring a business? Make sure you have confident counsel during the process.

Ultimately, the end goal for any business sale, acquisition, or merger is long-term success and profit. Successfully completing a sale often requires detailed legal contracts, as there are many terms laid out for the sale during the negotiation and due diligence phases. We understand the laws behind sales, mergers, and acquisitions, and actively help guide our clients through the process. We work diligently to ensure our clients are able to complete the complicated transactions as quickly and efficiently as possible so that they can focus on what comes next.

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Despite how seemingly complicated mergers, acquisitions, and sales can be, our team has years of experience in working through these business deals. We've helped dozens of clients successfully buy and sell businesses. Whether you're looking for assistance during the due diligence phase or need specific contract help relating to an amicable acquisition, our team has a history of offering high-quality legal guidance during every phase of the process. We are in Evansville, Indiana, and serve the neighboring areas such as Newburgh, Mount Vernon, and Princeton.