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If you are purchasing your first home, need an attorney for closing, or are fretting about the hurdles of selling a home in a constantly shifting market, Bradley J. Salmon is here for you and your real estate needs. Never suffer through paperwork, property negotiation, or frustrating title transfers again.

When you book your appointment with Bradley J. Salmon, you are partnering with professional services dedicated to helping you achieve results and reach your goals. Your home or property is personal to you, so your circumstance is personal to us. We know real estate situations and legalities are overwhelming, but we can help you navigate it all when you contact our firm today.

With real estate, rarely does everything go according to plan. Anyone who has bought a commercial or residential property knows there are various hurdles to jump through before the sale is final. No matter how much you research or prepare, the world of real estate is full of twists, making it an obstacle course with surprises at every turn. That is why our services cover a wide range of real estate laws. You never know what can happen next. You could buy a home and then have to settle a boundary dispute. You might also deal with an issue during escrow. No matter if you need an attorney at closing or to handle a more complicated issue, we are here for you every step of the way.

Contact us today to see how we can help you address your real estate needs.

Our Real Estate Services

We also handle residential and commercial leases, contracts, and discrepancies. Let us address issues such as property zoning, easement, escrow, and survey issues. Various title and deed transfers can be a hassle, but we know how to take the sting out of every step.

We want to make the law a language you can understand. Real estate issues–good or bad–can be complicated, but we work diligently to resolve any given circumstance.

Every question is acceptable; just ask us. We can start with how we can help you. Between our understanding of the law and your goals within your situation, we can collaborate on a plan to get the results you require.

If you are in Evansville, Indiana, or neighboring areas like Newburgh, Boonville, Mount Vernon, and Princeton, we are the real estate firm for you. We have been serving Evansville and the Vanderburgh County area for over 30 years, and we don’t plan on stopping any time soon. This attitude and commitment have made us a trusted name in estate planning, probate processes, family law, real estate law, business and corporate real estate cases, and property litigation.

Never lose a night of sleep again or stress the latest daily surprise. When it comes to selling your home, buying property, titles and deeds, lease agreements, and other residential or corporate property needs, we are on your side. Schedule an appointment with us today, and watch the stress melt away as you get to know the team and all the professional services we offer. Our real estate attorneys are standing by and happy to work with your schedule so you can get started on the right path to the right results.

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Our team is committed to making real estate law less stressful while we keep you in the loop on all your choices, resources, and any information that can help you achieve your goals. The firm’s services cover a broad range of legal circumstances and surprises when it comes to real estate law in Indiana. We proudly serve our Evansville family and Newburgh, Mount Vernon, and Princeton neighbors. Contact us today for an appointment.