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As you grow your family through adoption, you will experience a whole range of emotions. You may experience hope and joy at expanding your family, but also the stress and confusion at all the legal hoops to jump through. This is where we can help. Our firm can take some of the pressure to get it all right off your shoulders, walking you through all the steps and processes, so you have less to worry about.

Are you a stepparent hoping to adopt your spouse’s children? Are you a family hoping to give a child a home through state, private, or international adoption? It is our pleasure to help smooth the legal process as much as possible, presenting everything in a simple-to-understand way. We serve the residents of Evanston, Indiana, as well as the surrounding areas of Newburgh, Mount Vernon, and Princeton.

Advice During the Adoption Process

Whether you are planning for a child or adult adoption, our firm will assist with the petition for adoption, as well as any other required paperwork. You do not have to be wealthy, married, or under a certain age to be considered fit for adoption, but you must pass a home study and receive the consent of any living biological parents. Since parental rights are some of the most protected legal rights in the U.S., consent from biological parents is extremely important. Obtaining consent can be one of the most complicated and emotional steps in the process.

If the biological parents dispute your petition to adopt, the case could be taken to court to decide the best interest of the child. We will help plead your case, establishing why your family is the best decision for the child. Any legal custody dispute can be a trying time for you and your family, but our firm does its best to make the process as stress-free as possible.

Grow your family and avoid potential pitfalls with an experienced attorney by your side.

Whether you are considering surrogacy or need help filing for international adoption, speaking to an attorney is an important step in your journey. A lawyer can help you avoid any legal pitfalls and point out the best way to proceed as you move forward with your plans. Our firm will advise you all through the home study, petition, and final hearing necessary for adoption.

Every child deserves a home and a family that loves them, and we make it our goal to assist families who desire to provide a loving home. Having an attorney for the adoption process will help you navigate all the legal requirements, preventing any miss-steps along the way.

As an adoptions attorney in Evansville, Indiana, we desire to see the families in the communities around us grow and thrive. We take joy in helping each client understand the process, develop a plan, and strive for the results you need. Whether you wish to adopt an adult successor or a newborn from a birth mother, we are here to take care of you and your family, providing trustworthy guidance and legal services.

Start Building Your Family

At Bradley J. Salmon, we are dedicated to giving families the legal assistance needed to welcome a new child into their home. We walk clients through all federal and state adoption requirements, clarifying any overwhelming or confusing requirements. If you are a family or an individual living in Evanston, Newburgh, Mount Vernon, or Princeton, Indiana, and need family law assistance, we are gladly here to serve you.